onsdag 27. mai 2009

Gruppeutstilling av fire av våre studenter

Hunting Lodge
A group exhibition about forest life.
-so macho it’ll make you puke.
We want to explore the term ”Hunting Lodge” through Illustration.
We’ll go deep into the woods alongside logging lumberjacks cutting down trees and camouflaged
hunters lurking around, waiting for big game.
There will be lots of flannel shirts, big trucks, hunting knives, eagles drinking whisky, guns,
animals both living and deceased, log cabins, big bushy beards and silvery sparkling Alabama
chrome. What exactly do manly men do when they go deep into the woods?
Bearded men sitting around a campfire, sharing stories, gambling and drinking.
It’s about male bonding. Some of the themes explored are: male bonding, boozing, drunkenness,
hunting accidents and human interaction with nature.
In general, lots of fun and good times will be had.
We are Cupofill:
Currently we are studying Illustration at NKF in Oslo.
Thomas Borge
Born 1986 in Fredrikstad, Norway
Lives in Oslo, Unemployed
Random Fact: Has a beard.
What inspires me: Hellboy, LOTR, Gears of war, beer, trips, Mastodon, Tool, Frank Miller, Stan
Ole Fredrik Hvidsten
Born 1986 in Oslo, Norway
Lives in Oslo, works part time at Bellona.
Random Fact: Works at the Environmental Foundation Bellona and is very environmentally concious.
What inspires me: Twin Peaks, Partyshank, Hunting Lodge.
Adriane Vinter
Born 1988 Oslo, Norway.
Lives part time in Oslo and Gjerdrum, currently unemployed.
Random facts: Has an addiction to highly caffeinated energy drinks and likes to go on caffeine
induced powertrips.
What inspires me: Urge Intense, Tim Burton, Neil Gaiman, random
Googeling, warfare and stuff.
Lars K. Huse
Born 1988 in Bodø, Norway
Lives in Oslo, works part time at Java Espresso bar.
Random Fact: spent a year in Mobile, Alabama and know the redneck way of life. What inspires
me: Photography, good coffee, Travis Millard, Pete Fowler, Jeremy Fish, Michael Sieben, Lodown,
Department of Eagles, Andrew Bird.

fredag 15. mai 2009

Nominasjon til Visuelt for NKF og Jul på papiret

Vi gratulerer Kjersti Johanne Barli.
Juriens komentar: Dette avviker fra julepapirnormen. En modig begrenset fargebruk.